ACA Travel & Tours Booking Procedures
Revision 4.03.2002


Air reservations can be made in your own CRS system. There are some exceptions where reservations must be made by ACA Travel. Requests can be made by fax, phone or e-mail BOOKING@ACATRAVEL.COM.


ACATRAVEL.COM will send tickets immediately upon receipt of FULL payment. During busy periods, priority is given to ticketing deadlines and/or immediate departures. ACATRAVEL.COM does not take responsibility for advising ticket numbers to airlines for bookings not made directly by ACATRAVEL.COM When payment is not received for a booking made directly with ACATRAVEL.COM within the required ticketing deadline, the booking will automatically be canceled.

Late Ticketing

Same day ticket requests must be received by ACATRAVEL.COM no later than 2:00 pm to ensure delivery the following business day.

Air Documents

Paper tickets are sent by airborne. For agents wishing to receive documents within 5-7 working days via airborne the delivery $5.00 Rush delivery will be $10.00 per booking via airborne.


ACATRAVEL.COM will accept an agency check or cashier check for the net amount made payable to ACA TRAVEL. There is a check hold of 3 working days for California checks and 10 working days for out-of-state checks. We suggest using a credit card as payment for last minute bookings. Returned checks will incur a $25 fee.

Fares are discounted by 3% when paying by agency check.

ACATRAVEL.COM requires a signed and imprinted Universal Credit Charge Form (UCCF) for credit card transactions. If an agent is unable to secure an imprint and signature, ACA Travel can provide a special Credit Cardholders Authorization Form that can be faxed or mailed to the client. Please call for a copy of this form and full instructions.

COMMISSION ON CREDIT CARDS: Commission checks will be issued and sent to you within(3)days of ticketing.

No third party credit cards accepted. Commission checks for all credit card transactions will be sent 2-3 weeks after tickets are issued.


All fares are subject to change. Fares are guaranteed at time of ticketing.


Cancellation and change fees are applied according to our contract rules. In addition to airline penalties, there is a per person $25.00 ACATRAVEL.COM processing fee.

Frequent Flyer Miles

Frequent Flyer miles can be accrued on most carriers. Please check with our reservations staff.